My family goes through a lot of sandwich fixings. The kids eat sandwiches almost every day, as does my hubby. But buying the meat gets spendy!

I don’t love the packaged, thin-sliced meats filled with sodium, though they’re cheap. And the sliced deli meat is close to $6 a pound right now–too expensive for every day. So I was thrilled to read a great tip in this interesting book. You can also more read about The Economides family and their frugal living ideas at their Web site.

Last week I bought a 3-pound “chub” of turkey ham in the packaged meat section of my grocery store. It’s precooked, but it’s near the whole chickens, turkey breasts, etc. At $2.49 a pound (not on sale), it was much cheaper than the deli, and better quality (I hope!) than the Buddig-type thin sliced meat.

Here’s the best part: I took it over to the deli and sweetly asked the gal behind the counter if she’d be willing to slice it up for me. She did, saving me a TON of work. When I came home, I divided the sliced meat into 1/2-pound packages and froze them.

If you try this, I’d suggest you catch the deli person when he or she is not wildly busy. Slicing up a packaged chunk of meat is a favor to you, not a requirement. Deli workers probably won’t take time to do it if they’ve got a line of people waiting.