Between my beloved Maps and Kindle reader apps (the ones I use most often!), I also have a few favorite money-related apps I tap regularly:

1Password. I seriously can’t live without this program and its related app. It’s my little version of financial peace of mind. 1Password helps me store the dozens of user names and passwords I’ve accumulated for bank, investment, and other online accounts. I used to keep all this critical info in a massive Word document. I password-protected the document. Then changed the password. Then forgot the password. I still get heartburn thinking about that day. Long story, but now I use 1Password and have many fewer financial panic attacks about my accounts’ safety and my stinky memory.

My Credit Union’s App. Specifically, its mobile-deposit app. I can take a picture of a check I need to deposit (front and back) and within seconds, it’s safe at my bank, available for use. No physical trip to the credit union required.

Evernote. OK, so Evernote’s not really a financial app. But I use it to keep track of things I’d like to purchase, make lists, jot down my kids’ clothing and shoe sizes—all things that help save me time and money when I’m out shopping.

Safeway App. As a Club Card member, I can load coupons directly to my account and check for “Just For U” personalized deals. I usually load those from my computer at home. However, if I forget, and I’m at the store and see a shelf tag that reminds me that this box of granola bars is free to “Just For U” members, I can quickly pull up the app and load the deal while I’m loading up my grocery cart.

Price-Comparison Scanners. Amazon Price Check, ShopSavvy and RedLaser all let you scan an item’s barcode while you’re out shopping to see if you can get a better deal locally or online. I often use more than one, because they can be a little glitchy. Or maybe it’s me. I’m often challenged to get the barcode flat, without glare, perfectly within the screen’s little parameters.

Savings Spree. I’m letting my youngest daughter test this one out, and it’s promising. Using a game-show format, this app from Money Savvy Generation (we love their segmented banks at our house), teaches kids about saving, earning, and handling spending pitfalls. Suggested for ages 7 and up. (Photo by Ian Lamont.)