Over the weekend, my SIL told me someone fraudulently tried to charge hundreds of dollars to her credit card for electronics. Thankfully, her card issuer flagged the purchase as suspicious and alerted her. They immediately issued her a new card.

But when my SIL went over past credit card statements to see if there were other bad transactions, she found a little trail of microcharges that were NOT hers. Some were so small she didn’t notice them the first time around. Apparently, the small charges are “tests” the thieves use to see if 1) Your card is good and 2) Whether you’ll notice their activity on your account.

I opened my credit card statement today and couldn’t believe it: It happened to me, too!

I saw a 94 cent Apple iTunes charge from early February. Yes, iTunes is changing its prices, but hadn’t done so in early February; most songs were still 99 cents. Then I checked my online statement for newer charges. Sure enough, another iTunes charge I didn’t make.

How could I be so sure? I went to my iTunes account page and clicked on “Purchase History.” The weird charges did NOT appear on iTunes–just on my credit card account. So I called my card issuer, disputed the charges, and am getting a new card. I also changed my password on my iTunes account.

Apparently this is not a new phenomenon. See this article. Makes me wonder, though, whether someone got my credit card through an online purchase or whether someone has been able to tap into my iTunes account. Maybe on a coffeeshop wifi connection? Anyone have thoughts?